About Me

My name is Brooke Corrigan and I am 16 year old sophomore at Rockford Christian High School. I have been swimming competitively for 12 years. From the time I was young I have always loved swimming. I started swimming competitively at the age of 4 and joined the Rockford Marlins Swim Club when I was 6. When we went into quarantine back in 2020 due to covid, I was out of the pool for three months. It was then I realized how much I missed swimming. It was such a big part of my day to day life and being taken away from me was very difficult. When I got back in the water, my mindset completely changed. I began to work harder in and out of practice and set specific goals to achieve. The past year I have seen a lot or results from working harder on my dryland workouts and nutrition. I have worked harder in 2023 to round out my events, dropping times in more events. Swimming has taught me what it really means to work hard and how it pays off. I have always dreamed of swimming at the college level. I want to continue to pursue my goals as an individual and am also looking forward to being part of a college swim team. I want to be around people who are as passionate and willing to work hard as I am.

Let’s Swim Laps